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Marisa Salinas

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Don’t run any more. Quiet. How softly it rains
On the roofs of the city. How perfect
All things are. Now, for the two of you
Waking up in a royal bed by a garret window.
For a man and a woman. For one plant divided
Into masculine and feminine which longed for each other.
Yes, this is my gift to you. Above ashes
On a bitter, bitter earth. Above the subterranean
Echo of clamorings and vows. So that now at dawn
You must be attentive: the tilt of a head,
A hand with a comb, two faces in a mirror
Are only forever once, even if unremembered,
So that you watch what it is, though it fades away,
And are grateful every moment for your being.
Let that little park with greenish marble busts
In the pearl-gray light, under a summer drizzle,
Remain as it was when you opened the gate.
And the street of tall peeling porticos
Which this love of yours suddenly transformed.
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Czeslaw Milosz

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97% sure im cursed


I’ve watched this at least 200 times

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bein compared to portraits in art history is my favourite thing other than cheesy garlic bread

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I’m not a real person yet.

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Selfies by morgan xoxoxo



Use both headphones

left: the weeknd

right: drake

Just putting a cover album 

Bedroom music

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Boy: you look so pretty you are so hot

Me: ??? Where’s the news

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The Flower Garden | Howl’s Moving Castle

I want this played endlessly in every garden in the world

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Adèle Exarchopoulos - Madame Figaro

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I don’t think I will ever be able to get over Angela Basset in American Horror Story. Never.

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